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How to Install a Sliding Glass Door

Sliding Glass Door Installation If your sliding glass door leaks, sticks, or has drafts, you should consider replacing it. If you’d like to tackle the job yourself, here are the steps Peak Custom Remodeling recommends to get it done right the first time. Take note: only experienced DIY-ers should try this project, with at least … Continued

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Five Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Before Selling


Spruce Up Your Home If you’re selling your home, you want to do what you can to increase its curb appeal and make it attractive to potential buyers. While some homeowners may make expensive renovations, others do not want to spend much money on their houses before selling. Here are five inexpensive, effective ways to … Continued

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What to Know Before Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

Solar Panel Roof Homeowners who install solar panels on their roofs may benefit from lower utility rates, a lower carbon footprint, and potentially earn tax credits. Before doing so, however, it is crucial to assess your roof, especially if you have an older home. Very frequently, homeowners who install solar panels before determining the health … Continued

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Why You Should Choose Energy Star Windows

Energy Star Windows Efficiency is a big topic when it comes to building and remodeling. We all want to live in a home that saves big on electricity bills and is a comfortable temperature year-round. Windows have a big impact on how efficient your house is overall. Here are a few reasons why you should … Continued

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