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What is Solar Heat Gain Coefficient?

Are you ready for new windows? Learn more about one way to improve efficiency in your home with the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient rating.

There are so many things to consider when shopping for new windows. You want energy-efficient windows that let the right amount of light in without making the house too cold or hot. Here’s a guide to understanding the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient rating so that your windows make your home feel just right. What Is … Continued

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Why You Need a Certified Roofing Installer

Certified Roofing Installer It’s a nightmare come true: you need to repair or replace your home’s roof. Now you have to wonder about the cost, how long it will take, and how you will actually get it done. Because roofing work is more complicated (and dangerous) than replacing a window or painting a wall, you … Continued

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A Guide to Exterior Doors

Your exterior doors are some of the most important doors in your house. Read on for a quick get-started guide for your exterior door renovation needs!

Exterior Doors Interior doors can often be whatever fits your design scheme, or property owners can remove them entirely. However, exterior doors that lead outside need careful consideration to ensure you choose the best door for your house. Here are a few common areas where you might want an exterior door and options for what … Continued

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Warning Signs of a Leaky Roof

close up roof with damaged shingles

Leaky Roof Nothing lasts forever, and unfortunately, that includes your home’s roof. Although some damage is quickly apparent, such as damage from a fire or storm, the signs of a leaky roof can be subtle. To keep your roof in good shape and prevent extensive damage, look for these indicators of a leaky roof. For … Continued

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