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Custom Windows for Your New Home

Is your house in need of new windows? If you’re ready to learn more about custom home windows give Peak Custom Remodeling a call today!

Custom Home Windows Not everyone wants something straight out of the box. Sometimes our house building plans make it impossible to use ready-made windows, too. Maybe you’ve created your dream custom home or you need to replace a window in a quirky, old house. This guide will help you navigate the world of custom windows. … Continued

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8 Types of Windows to Put in Your New House

New Window Types There are so many different types of windows available for purchase. Windows are important for bringing light into your house, but they also need to keep your electrical bill low. They should make your exterior house look great, as well. Double-Hung Windows These windows are common throughout the U.S. and quite versatile. … Continued

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Which Windows Are Best for Your Kitchen?

WINDOW UPGRADES When building a new house or renovating your kitchen, you may pay more attention to the cabinets, appliances, and flooring. However, a window upgrade can also influence the look of a room. Here are four window styles that work well for kitchens. 1. Garden windows Garden windows, or greenhouse windows, extend out of … Continued

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