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What is Solar Heat Gain Coefficient?

Are you ready for new windows? Learn more about one way to improve efficiency in your home with the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient rating.

There are so many things to consider when shopping for new windows. You want energy-efficient windows that let the right amount of light in without making the house too cold or hot. Here’s a guide to understanding the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient rating so that your windows make your home feel just right. What Is … Continued

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Custom Windows for Your New Home

Custom Home Windows Not everyone wants something straight out of the box. Sometimes our house-building plans make it impossible to use ready-made windows, too. Maybe you’ve created your dream custom home or need to replace a quirky, old house window. This guide will help you navigate the world of custom windows. Custom Fit If you’re … Continued

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How Do Energy Star Windows Help Homeowners?

Energy Star Windows Homeowners frequently encounter Energy Star ratings in marketing for house materials, but you may not believe the hype or understand what the ratings mean. Here’s a quick overview of the program and how it can help you increase savings and decrease your carbon footprint.   How do windows earn Energy Star ratings? … Continued

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7 Types of Windows to Put in Your New House

New Window Types There are so many types of windows for your home. Windows bring light into your house, but they must also do more than that: they should keep your electrical bill low and make your house look great from the outside. Double-Hung Windows Double-hung windows consist of two pieces and open by sliding … Continued

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