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Custom Windows for Your New Home

Is your house in need of new windows? If you’re ready to learn more about custom home windows give Peak Custom Remodeling a call today!Custom Home Windows

Not everyone wants something straight out of the box. Sometimes our house building plans make it impossible to use ready-made windows, too. Maybe you’ve created your dream custom home or you need to replace a window in a quirky, old house. This guide will help you navigate the world of custom windows.

Custom Fit

If you’re replacing an old window, it’s likely that your window opening is of an unusual size. If your home is historical you can almost guarantee that you’ll need custom windows, as old houses were built according to different standards than our modern standards. Sure, you could get a window from the store and try to make it fit, but you would end up needing to patch the areas that are too big for the window which is an added cost. Though custom windows can cost an extra $200 to $400, they are worth the reduced hassle.

Custom Style

Maybe you’d like an extra special look with your new windows to go with your stylish home. With custom windows, you can create all kinds of aesthetics to match your decor and design. With a ready-made window, you’re generally stuck with whatever styles are already on the market. By designing a custom window, you can make it fit your home, your personality, and have it match what you really love.

Extra Efficiency

While you should always jump for double-paned, energy efficient windows, there are some efficiency standards you can apply to custom windows. Make it triple pane, add an extra special weather strip, or upgrade the coating on the window to really boost its efficiency power. You’ll also have an immediate energy efficiency boost by simply choosing a custom window. By creating a window that specially fits your window opening, you’re ensuring that the window is a perfect and tight fit. This means less air leakage and no unwanted drafts to crank up that utility bill.

If you are ready to upgrade your windows and want to spring for custom, reach out to Peak Custom Remodeling for a professional quote!


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