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steel front entry door painted white

Steel Entry Doors

You want to keep your home and family safe, and replacing your front and back doors is an excellent opportunity to increase security. According to ADT, a security systems company, most home invasions happen through the front door, and you don’t want your door to leave you at risk. Steel entry doors are a quality choice to upgrade your overall safety protocol (for more information, contact Peak Custom Remodeling). Here are a few reasons steel should be your first consideration and ways to make it an even stronger choice.

It’s affordable.

Steel entry doors are one of the least expensive door options on the market, so you can focus on safety feature upgrades instead of throwing your entire budget into just the door.

It’s energy efficient.

Steel doors can help to keep your energy costs down, especially with many of the efficiency-minded features available on the market today.

Make it solid.

Choose a steel door with a solid core. Otherwise, it is still easy for a burglar to bust through the door without much effort. Adding a core makes it much harder to break in.

Upgrade with a thicker sheet of steel.

A thicker sheet of steel will reinforce the door and make it even stronger.

Don’t skimp on the locks.

A solid door won’t benefit you if the locks are weak and easily broken. Choose a deadbolt with a throw at least one inch long.

Reinforce the frame.

Choose a quality steel door frame with at least three-inch screws screwed into the studs. A burglar can open any door if they can easily destroy the door frame. Don’t let it happen!

If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s front door, contact Peak Custom Remodeling for a quote!


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