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New & Replacement Doors in BALTIMORE, CENTRAL MARYLAND, & The WASHINGTON, DC Metro Area

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Remodeling a home’s entry door can provide significant remodeling returns on investment (ROI) because the entry door to a home is a critical factor in resale value. Apart from its curb appeal, a cheaply manufactured or poorly installed door can result in a loss in energy inefficiency and structural damage over time. So, investing in a quality entry door can go a long way. Peak Custom Remodeling provides new doors and door replacement in Baltimore for homes and businesses throughout the region. From our office in Milford Mill, our service area extends through most of central Maryland and the Washington, DC metropolitan area. So if you want to upgrade your doors, contact Peak Custom Remodeling today!

A high-quality door has similar characteristics to a good window in terms of energy efficiency and aesthetics. Still, property owners should expect much more from the functionality of a door. It should have the following traits:

  • A Variety of Quality Custom Materials:
    Highly customized, high-performance materials in various finishes. The door will be customized to fit the home in a way that allows its beauty to stand out.
  • Ability to withstand the elements:
    Whether it is an entry door, patio door, or storm door, it should offer treated glass and advanced technology in hinging, end capping, and sealing. Insulated glass should be laminated to protect against wind-borne damage and UV rays. Hinges should be made of heavy-duty materials to resist corrosion, and the trim should be durable as well.
  • Availability of impact protection options:
    In areas that are especially susceptible to wind damage and storms, a high-quality door should offer some degree of impact protection. Impact shield doors are designed to resist heavy hurricane winds and can even deter break-ins.
  • Warranties:
    Both windows and doors should come with a manufacturer warranty against sealant failures and glass breakage, so that if any damage occurs, a homeowner’s investment is protected.


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High-Quality Doors Save You Money

Energy Star-certified doors keep your home energy efficient and may offer tax incentives. Energy-efficient doors, like windows, can reduce heated and cooled air loss and save homeowners up to $465 annually on energy costs. Additionally, homeowners can often receive tax credits for purchasing Energy Star doors.

Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Do you have old, outdated, squeaky, or hard-to-open sliding glass doors? Has the sun caused damage to your flooring or furniture? Are you considering a newer, more energy-efficient sliding glass door? Peak Custom Remodeling is your go-to resource for sliding glass doors in Baltimore and the Greater Washington, DC metro area.

When it’s time to replace your sliding glass doors, the experts at Peak Custom Remodeling can make the process quick and easy! We offer a range of products to suit virtually any style or budget. We understand that your needs are unique, so we offer free consultations to help determine the best outcome for your home. We’ll help you select the right door for your house and then provide turnkey installation so you can begin to enjoy your new sliding door. Add value. Add beauty. Give any space a fresh look and enhanced functionality with a new sliding glass door from Peak Custom Remodeling.