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Living in Maryland, we are no stranger to powerful weather. From heavy winds and rain, to hail, to ice and snow – year-round, we see a bit of everything. Though there is little you can do about the weather, there is much you can do to prepare after the storm and correct any damage properly and in a timely fashion.

Peak Custom Remodeling will evaluate any damages as part of a thorough examination of your roof, siding, gutters, windows, and more. Once the home inspection is complete, our representative will document and explain any storm related damage found to help you understand the cause and extent of damage your home has sustained. If there is no damage related to storms and it is believed that you would not qualify for insurance to cover the work, we will also let you know and would be happy to still provide you a thorough, professional, and free estimate on what it would cost to do the work. 

Throughout this entire process, Peak Custom Remodeling will be with you every step of the way. We want everything to be as simple as possible and take as much off of your plate as we can. From the initial conversation through project completion we will continue to help, communicate, and update you along the way.

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Following the damage inspection, your Peak Custom Remodeling representative can help walk you through the insurance process.

  • On your adjustment date, Peak Custom Remodeling will have our insurance specialist meet the insurance adjuster at your home to perform an inspection together. This ensures your insurance company has a first hand account of all damages, nothing is missed, and keeps the adjuster accountable and honest.
  • Once the extent of the damage has been agreed upon and can be estimated, Peak Custom Remodeling will work with your insurance
    company to negotiate the final replacement cost.
  • We will then meet with you to finalize the colors and types of material to be used, and do any necessary paperwork and agreements to have the materials ordered and work performed.
  • Upon finishing all agreed upon repairs and work, once all debris and unused materials have been cleaned up and removed and the property is back to its original condition with the project fully completed – A Quality Control Inspector will ensure that our work lives up to our standard and more importantly – that you are satisfied with the results.
  • We will then assist in submission of any remaining paperwork necessary if applicable such as proof of completion, supplemental work, etc. to assure that the insurance company releases the remaining and correct funds leaving you having to pay nothing out of pocket aside from your deductible.

Our four pillars of ideology

Peak Custom Remodeling has built our success based on their four pillars of ideology- excellence of quality, solid experience, confidence of expertise and extraordinary customer service.  We value each and every client and we ensure that every project is not finished until our customers are more than satisfied.  With over 30 years of crafting our skills, our goal is to create each project and communicate with every customer like our own family. The team of Peak Custom Remodeling looks forward to meeting you – and your expectations!


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