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Quality Siding is Functional and Protects Your Home While Looking Good

There are a wide variety of siding choices to provide the level of protection, aesthetics, and energy efficiencies you seek. Siding is a great protective barrier to the home’s exterior, and many products are manufactured to reduce fading and protect against sun damage. Siding standards are regulated by the American Society of Testing and Materials to ensure appropriate thickness and protective values. A higher thickness will stand up to wind loads, hail, and any other elements nature throws your way. Insulated siding products will provide additional coverage beyond that of the insulation in walls alone. Working like a blanket over the walls, insulated siding keeps warm air inside during the winter, and cool air in the summer, saving homeowners up to 25% in energy loss.

Quality Siding Company
Quality Installation is Paramount

When choosing a vinyl siding contractor, homeowners need to do their research to be sure they are getting a quality installation. At Peak Custom Remodeling, we help customers make decisions on siding based on aesthetics, energy efficiency, and any other specific needs for the home. A quality, knowledgeable contractor like Peak Custom Remodeling will readily answer questions like:

  • Are they licensed? What are their certifications?
  • Do they offer a wide variety of high-quality siding options? Is the thickness of the vinyl above the minimum .035 inches? Is the siding insulated?
  • Is the company willing to offer advice on which siding is best for the home? Are they knowledgeable about aesthetics like ornate trims and colors?
  • Does the siding, and the installation of the siding, come with a warranty?

Siding as an investment

Premium Siding Increases the Value of Your Home

The curb appeal of a home is what provides our first impressions. Siding can greatly enhance a home’s curb appeal, and it has an estimated ROI of almost 72%.

Vinyl siding comes in a variety of finishes from traditional wood-look siding (without all the high maintenance involved with real wood), while other choices offer architectural elements like ornamental scalloping. Siding also comes in a variety of sizes and applications, with wide or narrow boards, and vertical or horizontal patterns. Many homes combine a variety of different siding textures and finishes to enhance architectural details. These elements improve the beauty and function of the home, for years to come!


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