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8 Types of Windows to Put in Your New House

New Window Types

There are so many different types of windows available for purchase. Windows are important for bringing light into your house, but they also need to keep your electrical bill low. They should make your exterior house look great, as well.

Double-Hung Windows

These windows are common throughout the U.S. and quite versatile. The window is made of two pieces and it opens by sliding up on the bottom half or down on the top half. They’re great for letting air in through the bottom of the window or through the top. Or open them both for even more air circulation

Single-Hung Windows

If simple is your thing, these windows might just be the ticket. They look just like double-hung windows, except that they only open from the bottom and the top stays stationary. They will get the job done of letting in light and air, while still being energy efficient.

Casement Windows

If elegance is your goal, casement windows might be your thing. These windows hinge outward and open with a hand crank from inside. It makes for a great choice for those with less physical mobility or strength, as the crank replaces having to push or pull a window open. Casement windows are also excellent for efficiency, as when the wind blows against the window it pushes the seals even tighter.

Awning Windows

For basements and bathrooms, awning windows are a great choice. They open up on the outside, quite like an awning, using a crank from the inside. These windows are perfect for those spaces where you don’t have a lot of room but you still want to let in some light and air.

Picture Windows

If you’ve got a great view from your house, make it enjoyable with a picture window. These windows cover large surfaces and don’t open. Their main purpose is to show off the scene outside and to let in lots of light.

Slider Windows

These windows are a basic option similar to the double or single-hung windows mentioned above. Except instead of pulling the window up (or down) to open it, the window simply slides open when pulled, from right to left or visa versa. They’re an affordable and basic option for most areas of your house.

Bay, Bow, or Garden Windows

These kinds of windows are great for creating cozy little nooks in a room. Bay and bow windows are quite similar, but they offer different looks. Bay windows are connected at 30-45 degree angles and bow windows are connected at 10 degree angles. This makes the bow windows look more rounded and smooth. Garden windows are like small bay windows, usually situated over a kitchen sink or similar ledge space.

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