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Why Should You Choose Custom French Doors?

Custom French Doors

Are you planning to add French doors to your home? Is it time to replace the ones you have? Either way, you may be wondering whether to choose ready-made or custom French doors.

Ready-made doors may be faster and less expensive to install, but custom French doors have numerous benefits that homeowners should not overlook. Here are three good reasons to choose the custom route.


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Custom French doors can use a wider range of materials.

Most premade French doors are made of one of only a few materials–usually pine or Masonite wood. With a custom door, however, you can choose from a wider range of materials.

Not only can you choose a different type of wood for your custom French doors, such as poplar or cedar, but you also can choose doors made of aluminum, steel, or fiberglass. Or, you might choose clad French doors, which are wood covered by another material.

Ultimately, custom French doors let you make your own choice, based on your budget, how you will use the doors, and other needs.


Custom French doors can fit any space.

Just like with the materials, premade French doors usually come in only a few sizes that fit standard door spaces–usually 70-80”. If you are replacing the doors in an older home, however, or adding French doors to a unique space, the ready-made sizes may not be suitable.

By choosing custom French doors, you will ensure that they are a perfect fit for the space. This can prevent the hassle and headaches of exchanging or altering a door that does not quite fit.


Custom French doors make your home unique.

Even if a standard, premade door would work just fine, French doors are a great way to bring a personalized, eye-catching touch to a house to make it feel more like home.

For example, ordering an exterior French door made with cedar can give it a warm yet durable appearance. Using frosted glass in your French doors lets in light while maintaining a level of privacy. Using a different color for the door easily adds visual interest to a room.


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