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close up roof with damaged shingles

Leaky Roof

Nothing lasts forever, and unfortunately, that includes your home’s roof. Although some damage is quickly apparent, such as damage from a fire or storm, the signs of a leaky roof can be subtle. To keep your roof in good shape and prevent extensive damage, look for these indicators of a leaky roof. For more information, contact Peak Custom Remodeling today.

Missing shingles

Patchy roofs with missing shingles and other materials are more vulnerable to leaks. Periodically check for missing shingles and make necessary repairs as soon as possible. Even if you don’t notice obvious leaks in your home, missing shingles could indicate a leak in the attic.

Deformed shingles

Shingles should lay flat and tight against each other. If you notice that some shingles are starting to curl or buckle, this could be a sign of wear or moisture absorption, increasing the risk of a leaky roof.

Exterior wall spots

If you notice water spots outside, under your roof line, this could demonstrate a problem with your home’s flashing. Have this problem checked as soon as you can. If there is not too much damage, it may be repaired quickly without affecting the rest of the roof.

Interior water stains

Brown, ring-like stains on your ceilings indicate excessive moisture. The source may be difficult to find, however, and it is not always caused by a leaky roof. However, if you notice the stain getting darker or larger after it rains, the problem is most likely in the roof. Other things to watch for include stains on the walls, and peeling or bubbling paint and wallpaper.

Have a leaky roof inspected and fixed

If your home shows signs of a leaky roof, responding quickly to reduce damage and expense is crucial. To get help for a leaky roof in Maryland, contact Peak Custom Remodeling today!


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