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A Guide to Exterior Doors

Your exterior doors are some of the most important doors in your house. Read on for a quick get-started guide for your exterior door renovation needs!Exterior Doors

Interior doors can often be whatever fits your design scheme or they can be removed entirely, if you so choose. Exterior doors that lead outside, on the other hand, need careful consideration to ensure that you are choosing the best door for your house. Here are a few common areas that you might want an exterior door and options for what to choose (contact us for more information!).

Exterior Door Locations

When we think of exterior doors, often our minds head directly for the front door. And that door is, indeed, quite important. It’s the first point of contact your guests have with your home and thus their first impression of your personal sanctuary. But you probably also have a back door, and you might also have a side door and a door leading out of the garage. Our modern houses often have a lot of exterior doors! You’ll need to carefully consider issues such as energy efficiency, durability, appearance, and safety for each door.


There are so many materials on the market now for exterior doors that it can get overwhelming. There’s the traditional wood door, which comes in either a layered and pressed variety or a solid wood version (the latter being far more expensive than the former). Then you’ve got your metal door options, including steel and aluminum. And there are plenty of more modern materials, such as fiberglass-composite doors, as well.


None of us like the thought of a stranger breaking into our home. Be prepared by choosing the safest options for your exterior doors. Make sure that all of your doors have a solid core so they can’t be kicked in. They shouldn’t be able to be unhinged, either. If you choose to have windows in your door, make sure that if they are smashed no one can reach inside to unlock the door. And always choose quality locking sets that can’t be broken or picked open.


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