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3 Signs You May Need a New Front Door

A new front door may not be your highest priority, but it brings numerous new front door benefits. Here are 3 signs it’s time for a replacement.New Front Door Benefits

If you have a busy household where people run in and out, especially through side and garage doors, you may not think about your front door very much. But did you know that replacing your front door can improvce your home’s curb appeal and increase energy efficiency?

Here are three signs that your home may benefit from a new front door.

You can feel the draft

Most doors are designed to keep out the weather and keep heat inside during the winter, or keep it from coming in during the summer. Older doors, however, may not have been built to suit today’s energy-conscious world, or they may simply have worn out.

Installing a new front door with stronger materials can help keep your energy bills down and make your entryway more comfortable. Plus, you may qualify for tax credits, depending on what type of door you choose.

The door is difficult to use

If you’re cringing at the sound of squeaky hinges, or struggling to open a door that scrapes along the floor, it could be time to replace it. Regular maintenance and oiling can make hinges quieter, but squeaking also indicates that the hinges themselves are wearing down, making the door weaker.

If a door scrapes the floor when you open it, that indicates warping or sagging, a sure sign of age and deterioration. Difficulty opening the door also could be a sign of wear on the threshold, frame, and door jamb, which also can warp. Keep your home secure and protect your flooring with a new door.

The door doesn’t look its best

A few dents or cracks in your front door may require nothing more than some new paint or finish. Depending on the age of the door and the amount of use, however, the problem could be deeper. Cracks could let in drafts and bugs, and may indicate structural issues. Constant exposure to the sun, moisture, and temperature changes take a toll on the front door, eventually causing irreversible cracks and other damage.

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