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How to Install a Sliding Glass Door

Sliding Glass Door Installation

If your sliding glass door leaks, sticks, or has drafts, you should consider replacing it. If you’d like to tackle the job yourself, here are the steps that Peak Custom Remodeling recommends for getting it done right the first time. (Take note: only experienced DIY-ers should try this project, with at least one other person to help).

Choose the right materials.

Sliding glass doors come in a variety of materials, such as wood, steel, and vinyl. The material you choose will depend on your style, climate, and budget.


The necessary tools and materials can be found in most home and building supply stores, and can even be ordered online. Be sure you have correctly measured the opening to get the right size.

Remove the old sliding glass door.

Pry off any exterior trim pieces and then remove the old door’s panels one at a time before removing the door frame. Remove the panel and bottom track where the sliding panel wheels rest.

Apply flashing and adhesive.

Clear out any dust and debris, and check that the floor under the door is level. If it is not, you can correct this with shims placed under the sill. Fill spaces with caulking.

Apply flexible flashing under the doorsill and a couple of inches up the side. Then, caulk the doorsill and rest it directly on the flashing, or add a “sill pan” for additional protection against moisture. Apply adhesive.

Place the new door.

Have at least one other person help you place the new door frame, based on the manufacturer’s instructions. If it’s not level, add shims around the door and secure the frame to the lumber with 2.5-inch wood screws.


Tip the stationary panel into the opening, then install any angle clips, weather-stripping, or trim that may be required. Then, rest the sliding panel wheels on the tracks and place it into the opening. One person should hold it while the other screws in the head stop.

Finish the small details

Once you’ve made sure the panels are even and slide smoothly, it is time to install the handle and lock. Add fiberglass insulation around the frame, and filler strips to the exterior if necessary.

Not sure the job is for you?

If you’re a busy homeowner who would rather have a professional install your sliding glass doors, contact Peak Custom Remodeling today!


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