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awning window with wood frame
A hopper window is similar to an awning window shown above but opens inward

Hopper Windows

Consider installing basement hopper windows if you have a dark basement you’d love to lighten up and use more effectively. What are hopper windows? We’re glad you asked! Check out our quick guide to hopper windows to see if they suit your home.

Windows take up a lot of room, and some require extra space for opening and closing. There isn’t sufficient wall space in certain rooms for a big window. However, leaving the room windowless isn’t a wise option either. Hopper windows are a great solution to cramped spaces. They bring in light and fresh air (for more information, contact us).

Avoid A Dark, Damp Basement

So you have a basement, and you’d love to use it better, but the darkness and dampness make it a turn-off. Hopper windows may be your solution. Adding hopper windows or upgrading your current windows with quality hopper windows can restore functionality to this bonus space. Hopper windows are similar to awning windows, but they open into your home on a hinge instead of out. They are space efficient, and you don’t need much room for a slider. The windows can give needed light and fresh air, bringing new life to your underused basement.

Air Out Your Small Bathroom

If you have a tiny bathroom and want to let in additional light, spring for installing a hopper window. You can open it for fresh air and to let out excess moisture from the shower, keeping your bathroom clean and mold or mildew free. Adding a window will also bring in extra light, making your bathroom feel less like a cave and more like the functional spa it is.

Insulation and Security

Hopper windows offer high insulation, which means excellent efficiency and a lower energy bill. Like casement windows, hopper windows are made to press against their frame, ensuring no unwanted air leaks. Hopper windows are also usually small, deterring unauthorized entry through a window break-in. However, their size also means they are a poor exit in a fire. But they’ll do just the trick for bringing a little light and air into a tiny space in your home.

If your basement or bathroom would benefit from hopper windows, call your Baltimore window contractor, Peak Custom Remodeling, today!


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