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white casement window looking outside
If you’re the kind of person who enjoys upgrades and classy home designs, you might consider installing casement windows in your new or remodeled home. These windows bring energy efficiency and a romantic look to any room.

5 Benefits of Casement Windows

Here’s a quick guide and 5 reasons why you may want to add these windows to your home.

They’re great for hard-to-reach areas.

You’ve probably tried to push up a single or double-hung window in an awkward place, such as over a kitchen sink. It’s nearly impossible unless you’re very tall. Casement windows make these areas easy since you don’t need the same kind of leverage to open them. Use the hand crank, and they’ll open right up, giving you plenty of fresh air where you want it.

You will experience maximum fresh air.

If you enjoy having a lot of fresh air gently flowing through your home, casement windows might be your answer. The entire window opens outward, inviting the outdoor breeze into your room. Single and double-hung windows only allow about half of the window space to open, cutting your fresh air in half.

You can clean inside and outside the window easily.

Simply open one of the windows to access the outside of the other window to clean it, and then wipe clean the inside of the windows. Easy access makes this window type great for otherwise hard-to-clean spaces in your house.

They’re energy efficient.

When the wind is howling outside, it causes the casement window to shut even tighter, keeping drafts out and your energy bills down.

They’re great for aiding those with physical challenges.

If you’ve had recent surgery, have a chronic ailment, or care for someone with a physical limitation, casement windows are a great option to assist them with independently opening windows. Single and double-hung windows require the ability to push and pull, but casement windows operate simply with a hand crank.


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