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Energy Star Windows

Efficiency is a big topic when it comes to building and remodeling. We all want to live in a home that saves big on electricity bills and is a comfortable temperature year-round. Windows have a big impact on how efficient your house is overall. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Energy Star windows for your next upgrade.

Made to be Efficient

Energy Star windows are built with two panes of glass, framed with high-quality materials, and often also include a layer of non-toxic gas between the panes of glass. The glass is coated to reduce harmful UV rays, as well.

Less Winter Chill

You’ve probably lived or at least been in a house that just never feels warm in the winter. You crank up the space heater, check the central heating thermostat again, and throw another log on the fire, but none of it seems to really help. Once your heating bill arrives, your jaw drops to the ground due to the high prices you’re paying. Often, this is due to windows that just aren’t keeping in the warm and out the cold. Energy Star windows will radically transform how cozy your house feels in the winter.

Less Summer Sauna

On the other hand, you’ve probably also been in a home during the summer that felt like a sauna. No matter which room you went to, you just couldn’t escape the sweltering heat. It almost doesn’t feel like you’re inside at all, and it just might feel hotter inside your home than it is outside! Energy Star windows can be that extra layer buffer that protects your home from too much heat. Keep cool this summer with a window upgrade (for more information, contact us!).

Protecting Inside Your Home

We all know what the effects of sun fading looks like. Those antique sitting chairs that are ruined, books that have lost their vibrant covers, and rugs with ugly sun faded spots. Thankfully, Energy Star windows come with a coating that keeps most UV rays from coming through, protecting your beloved belongings and furnishing from being ruined.


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