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Home Siding Options

Painting your house year after year is expensive and can be tedious and exhausting. Siding has revolutionized no-nonsense home ownership, making the upkeep of your exteriors a breeze. So many siding options are available to customize your home, ensuring it looks clean and fabulous all year. Here are some choices to consider during your exterior renovation process.


Aluminum is the classic option that took the siding world by storm many years ago. Aluminum siding comprises aluminum with a painted finish, which can eventually chip once painted. The aluminum material also tends to dent easily. These qualities might not be so great during a hail storm or when your kid kicks a soccer ball into the side of the house. However, aluminum’s benefits are that it is flexible and molds nicely to various house sizing requirements. It also tends to be durable.


This siding option is a newer innovation than aluminum and has significant benefits. Vinyl is quite affordable, which is a huge plus. When the siding is created, it is molded so it doesn’t bend or dent. The color is also “baked in” during the siding production process, so you don’t have to worry about repainting or paint chipping. Once you put it up, this siding is good to last for years. And it’s so easy to clean too! Just hose it down every six months, and it will look great for a long time. One drawback to consider is that vinyl does not reliably withstand cold climates. It expands and contracts, making it vulnerable to cracking and breaking.

Cement Fiber

This material is relatively new, but it is already a big hit in the marketplace. This amalgam of materials is incredibly durable, can be fashioned to look just like your favorite wood shingle siding or rock or brick, and lasts much longer than any of the other options. It tends to be more expensive and requires a professional to install. But you can have that gorgeous wood-trimmed house of your dreams, minus the wood and the hassle. It’s a great option for homeowners who want a hybrid choice that is durable, easy to maintain, yet looks gorgeous.


Get Help From a Siding Contractor

Homeowners have options for every budget and aesthetic preference. From basic aluminum to vinyl to newer, mixed surfaces like cement fiber, everyone can find the right siding choice for their interests and needs. To figure out the best option for you today, call Peak Custom Remodeling today!


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