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New Roof Maintenance

Once you have installed a new roof on your home, there are steps you can take to make it last as long as possible—proper maintenance is the best way to reduce roofing costs in the future. Peak Remodeling recommends 3 tips for a long-lasting roof to protect your new roof investment.

Keep gutters clean and clear.

Neglected gutters cause many problems. They can damage a new roof when leaves and other debris cause water to back up. Overflow from dirty gutters and downspouts may damage the landscaping beneath it, as far down as the foundation. Leaves and other muck built up in home gutters can also create a home for pests like wasps and squirrels.

Clean gutters at least once a year–more often if you have many trees standing near or over your home. If you clean them yourself, protect yourself with rubber gloves and use a steady ladder.

Look over your new roof periodically.

Once you have a new roof on your home, you should take time every so often to look for potential problems. Look for missing, damaged, or curling shingles. Check the roof’s overall shape for any wavy or sunken areas.

Does the color of your roof look right? If not, it may be a sign of mold, algae, or rust. If there are many tree branches, leaves, or stray baseballs, clear them off immediately before they cause any damage.

Check the roof sealing.

A roof’s flashing, which covers joints and valleys and surrounds chimneys and pipes, should be flat and tight. If you notice it looks loose or damaged, the old caulk can be removed and resealed. If the mortar or other caulking is cracking, reseal it to prevent leaks and further damage.

Roof work can be dangerous, so it is best to leave this task to professional roof installers. If you do this yourself, however, look for places where water may seep into the roof. Also, check the rubber collar around the plumbing vents since it may deteriorate over time.

Keep a new roof in good shape.

You can have a long-lasting roof without putting yourself in danger! Have the professionals at Peak Custom Remodeling take care of your home roofing needs.


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