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French Doors

Exterior French doors are an excellent option for the areas of your house where you want to bring in extra light. They also give you an easy way to get out to a patio or outdoor space. And they bring an air of class and beauty to your home. They’re not for everyone, but they should be a consideration when planning a home renovation. Here’s a quick guide to the many benefits of French doors and a brief overview of how they’re installed (if you want more information, contact Peak Custom Remodeling).


You’ve probably been into someone’s home and immediately noticed their beautiful French doors leading onto the deck. It is hard to miss the timeless appeal and incredible craftsmanship that goes into French doors. Opening those doors makes you feel like you’re a character in a fairytale.

Energy Efficiency

Modern French doors are highly energy efficient. The windows are thick and durable, the doors are made solid, and the weather stripping will keep all those nasty drafts out. With Energy Star-rated windows that are double-paned and coated to prevent excessive UV rays, you’ll avoid bringing in the cold or heat. The modern build of French doors is precise, high quality, and made for efficiency. Doors fit in their frames perfectly, and not a single draft can find its way in due to high-quality weather stripping. Your comfort and utility bills will benefit.


French doors are far safer than sliding glass doors in general. Their quality build means they aren’t easily kicked in or pulled off the hinges. If you include extra security features, such as non-pin hinges and a mortise locking system, then combine them with solid-core doors, any burglar would be hard-pressed to find a way inside your home.


If you’ve already had old French doors, a patio door, or a sliding glass door installed in the wall, it will be relatively easy to install your new French doors with little hassle. But if you’re expanding an existing window or cutting into a wall, budget extra time and effort to get the job done. Generally, installation includes setting in the door frame, which might consist of widening the existing cuts in the wall. The doors are then placed into the frame individually (if they aren’t already factory pre-installed). Locks, handles, and extra features are then installed. Your installer will double-check everything to ensure the installation is complete and the doors fit tightly.

If you’re ready to consult a professional for a new set of French doors in your home, contact your local door contractor Peak Custom Remodeling to get started!


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