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room-sized bay window

Bay Windows

Everyone loves the look and feel that bay windows bring to a house. Maybe you’d like to add a nook to the kitchen or a cozy space to curl up in the living room. Bay windows can bring much value to a home and to the life that you enjoy in that home.

Many sizes for a new bay window

Bay windows are multiple windows fused to create the effect of one angled window. Depending on your overall design goals, you can create bay windows in many sizes and scales. Enhance the window above your kitchen sink by turning it into a small bay window, or go for a full-scale room-sized bay window remodel. To get started on your bay window, contact us.

Wood or vinyl

Depending on your design aesthetics, you might lean more toward a wood window for that classy, rustic look. Or, if you prefer a no-nonsense window, spring for vinyl for the most effortless maintenance of all. Though beautiful wood requires regular refinishing and repainting, mainly to avoid rot and other wood-specific issues. Vinyl allows you to avoid the hassle and comes in a spectrum of finishes so you can color-coordinate.

Structure of a bay window

The angles on a bay window are typically set between 30 to 45 degrees, giving it the great architectural structure everyone enjoys. You’ll need to factor this design in for the remodel, however, as your space needs to support this change in structure. Ensure there is an eave above the window that will adequately protect the window from above.


Bay windows are generally installed the same way as a regular window, except that they involve placing three conjoined windows instead of one large window. Windows installed by our firm, Peak Custom Remodeling, are custom manufactured to the 1/8″ for the exact opening size of your home. Therefore, you’ll need to wait a little longer to install the windows. However, they will perfectly fit, eliminating seal failure and air penetration. The final effect will be well worth the wait.

If you’re ready to install bay windows in your home, contact Peak Custom Remodeling here!


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