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kitchen with three garden windows

Garden Windows

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, baking, cooking, and cleaning. Making it a cozy, inviting space is important. Bring a touch of life and the outdoors inside by installing a custom garden window above the sink or in the corner of your kitchen.

Garden Window Construction

A garden window is a window that has been extended outward and turned into a box of multiple windows. The window ledge becomes a shelf; sometimes, homeowners add more shelves to create additional space in the box. Some garden windows include ventilation windows that open to let in fresh air and let out moisture.

Use and Benefits

Typically, garden windows are used for plants, offering a convenient place to grow culinary herbs year-round. This use brings a lovely space full of life into the kitchen, which many individuals enjoy. It can be like having a tiny garden inside your home, a lively and functional addition. Garden windows are like smaller bay windows, creating an exciting feature in your home that attracts attention and interest. They also provide abundant light, ensuring your kitchen feels airy and bright.

Cons and Drawbacks

Garden windows aren’t for everyone. If you plan to grow plants in it, you should be confident that they will grow well in your area and won’t get too cold or hot. Garden windows can attract a lot of moisture, leading to plant rot and mold. Installing ventilated windows can help relieve excessive moisture, but they are an added expense. Because the windows extend away from the house, they can also leak outside rain and moisture into the window. These water issues can affect your kitchen’s window function and mold or mildew potential.


Garden windows can be much more expensive than regular windows. You can expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 for a garden window. Since the garden window comprises multiple windows, you can understand how the cost multiplies. Adding in ventilated windows can make them more expensive, as well. Still, they are less costly than bay windows due to their smaller size.

If you’re ready to install a garden window in your home, contact your local window contractor, Peak Custom Remodeling, for a consultation!


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