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5 Reasons Why Vinyl Windows Are Your Best Option

Vinyl Windows

Remodeling a house requires a lot of planning, from taking out the old work to installing the finish work. Your windows are an important part of the process and you want to make the right choice. Vinyl windows offer the best solution for your budget, while making your home energy efficient and still letting in plenty of light (find out more here). Here are a few reasons why vinyl is a superior choice for your project.

They don’t rot

Though they can be beautiful, wood windows often run the risk of rotting from excessive exposure to moisture. If you live in a humid climate, you have an even higher risk of dealing with rotted windows. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, will last many years through all kinds of weather.

They are low-maintenance

With wood windows, you’ll need to refinish and repaint every few years, which can be such a pain and expense. Vinyl windows don’t require much upkeep and they retain their finish so you can spend more time doing things you love. Cleaning them is easy too, making your house upkeep just that much easier.

They’re airtight

Once the corners have been welded, your windows will be airtight. This means you don’t have to deal with drafts, lost heat, or higher energy bills. They’ll protect your house and your bank account too.

They come in lots of colors

When you’re designing your house exterior and interior, you can make sure that your windows enhance the overall design. No more painting to match. You can simply choose vinyl colors that look great all year round and without a lot of hassle.

They’re easy to open and close

Unlike wood windows that expand and contract based on the weather and metal windows that are affected by moisture, vinyl windows are stable. That means you don’t have to wrestle with them every time you want to let a little fresh air into the room.


If you’re ready to consult with a professional that can help you find the perfect windows for your house, contact Peak Custom Remodeling. They can walk you through your options and support you in making the very best choice for your home.


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