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Measuring Windows

Replacing windows can be a tricky venture. It might seem obvious at first when you start to measure your windows, but then as you try to get an accurate number, you realize you’re not sure which measurements you’ll need when you go to buy new windows. These tips will help inform you when you head to the window supply store or talk with your contractor.

Measuring the width of the window.

Place your measuring tape on the surface of the window jambs, as this will give you the most accurate measurement. You want to measure from the side of one jamb to the other. A window jamb is the outer frame set within the wall, and window trim is installed around it. The jamb is visible; you can usually see it right next to the window’s surrounding wood trim.

Measure from the top of the window, from one jamb to the other. Then take a second measurement in the middle of the window, jamb to jamb. Finally, take a third measurement at the bottom of the window, from one side to the other. As shifting and such occur, the three measurements could be slightly different (though they shouldn’t be wildly so). Use the smallest measurement of the three when ordering new windows.

Measuring the height of the window.

Place your measuring tape on the window sill close to the window glass to measure the window height. Try to get near to the frame so you are measuring the actual window size. You will again measure the window frame in three places.

Take one measurement from the left side, from the bottom of the sill to the top of the window frame. Measure again in the middle of the window sill to the head of the frame. Finally, measure on the right side of the window. Take the smallest of the three measurements to use when ordering your windows.

Measuring the depth of the window.

To get an accurate measure, you may need to open your window to expose the frame fully. Measure the actual frame, not including the wood trim surrounding the window. You should also measure in three separate places to ensure you are as accurate as possible.

When you put in your window order, you’ll simply give the measurement of the window opening. By measuring these three dimensions of your windows, you’ll deliver the most accurate numbers to ensure your windows fit properly.

If you’re ready for new windows, contact your local window contractor, Peak Custom Remodeling, for a professional consultation.


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