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Bold Colors For Your Front Door

Read on for ideas and tips to get started on making your home come to life with bold front door colors. Contact Peak Custom Remodeling today.Bold Front Door Colors

Some of us aren’t content with the neutral and sometimes bland color selections that most people choose for their house exteriors. We want to be bold and to stand out. You’ve probably seen a pretty house with a bold colored front door. By painting the front door in a more daring hue, the house catches your eye and makes to stop to look again. One common example is the many houses that have a bright red front door. The red door phenomenon isn’t your only choice though (for more information, contact Peak Custom Remodeling). Here are some fun options for the bold homeowner.

Focus On Contrast

When you’re selecting the main color and accent colors for your home, consider how they will contrast. An all-white or all-blue (or any color for that matter) house is blah and boring. Accent colors draw the eye to aspects of the house that you really want to show off and make the other colors pop, too. If you’re feeling really gutsy, pick an unusual color that most homeowners don’t typically select. Or choose a really bold color and then bring it down a notch or two for that “just right” tone.

Check Out Your Neighborhood

If you live in a very traditional neighborhood that is full of stately houses and neighbors who care about conventional tastes, then you will probably want to stick with a less zany color. But don’t let that send you toward the most boring color in the book. You can still choose a pop color and pair it with a house color that will really make it stand out vibrantly without being too crazy.

Pair Well

For a really clean and vibrant look, hire a design consultant to come have a look at your home. Have some of your ideas on hand, including magazine cutouts and paint chips. Select some adjectives that you want others to feel when they drive past your home. And then talk out how to create a house worthy of a home design magazine. By choosing your house colors correctly, you’ll have friends and family that just love to come to your house to visit. The aesthetic of a house creates a warm feeling that brings people back again and again.


If you’re ready to get started with your custom and bold look, reach out to Peak Custom Remodeling for a professional consultation!


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