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Choosing Your New Sliding Door

If you’ve got an old sliding glass door, it might be time to upgrade it!. Read on to find out which option might be best for you.Choose The Right Door

Everyone loves to let in a lot of warm light into their home and sliding glass doors do just that while also serving a critical function. Maybe you’ve got an old slider that just doesn’t work well anymore and you’d like to get a newer door. Or you’ve just decided on the perfect place to install a new sliding door. Here are some options to launch your new sliding door plans (contact us to get started!).

Sliding Glass Door

If you’ve already got a sliding door, you might really enjoys its qualities and just need to upgrade. Old sliding doors aren’t terribly energy efficient, so it would be a huge benefit to your utility bills to spring for a new one. They’ve come a long way the past couple of decades and you can now buy new sliding glass doors that are very energy efficient as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Sliding doors are great for those summer days when you want to open the door, close the screen door, and let in the fresh air and sounds of a warm, summer day.

French Door

Maybe you prefer the look of French doors and aren’t interested in sticking with the sliding door. French doors are a classy option and work well if you have a larger room that can handle doors that swing inside. They are energy efficient and immediately increase curb appeal and potentially even home value.

Patio Door

If you like the look of the French door, you should also consider a patio door. It’s a lot like a French door, except one of the doors doesn’t open and is more like a fixed window. This decreases the cost and increases the energy efficiency. They also work well in rooms with less space, since only one door has to open.


Whichever option you choose, reach out to Peak Custom Remodeling for a quote and to get started on making your home a place you love to live!


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