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Tired of the Same Old Look? Try Vertical Siding

If you’re looking for a fun way to remix your homes siding, consider vertical siding options. Read more about why you should consider vertical sidingVertical Siding

If you’re looking for a fun way to remix your siding this year, look no further than vertical siding options. Refinish your whole house vertically or add it in as an accent – either way, you’ll make your home stand out and command attention.

What we once thought looked great can get tiring to our eyes, becoming just plain boring. If you’re ready for a home makeover or just need some new siding, consider vertical siding. Here are some compelling reasons why it can help give your exterior new life and make you fall in love with your house again (contact us to get started!).

It’s Unconventional

Most of the siding that is installed on houses is arranged horizontally. Generally, this is because it is a cheaper option. It’s also because vertical siding has traditionally been installed on barns, industrial and commercial buildings, so it’s not usually associated with houses. But this is what makes it so unique to use on your house.

It Stands Out

You can make your house stand out in a neighborhood full of houses with horizontal siding. It gives a unique “pop” factor that is intriguing and different. You can really make your house shine if you use a mix of horizontal siding with vertical siding accents. It can make your house aesthetic look very architecturally innovative and fresh.

It’s Durable and Easy to Clean

Vertical siding works with the direction of moisture, allowing water to run off appropriately and avoid rot and mold.

For a one-of-a-kind look, you can easily incorporate vertical siding into your exterior design scheme. It’s more expensive than horizontal siding, as it requires more structure to hold in place. But it’s also more durable, which means less hassle for you. It can give your house a special kind of curb appeal, as well, allowing your house to stand out.

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