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What is a cool roof?

home with energy efficient roof A cool roof absorbs less heat by reflecting more sunlight than standard roofs, like wearing white on a sunny day. Reflective paint, additional coatings, or specially-made roofing material can all do this job.

Many homeowners are installing and using more energy-efficient windows, doors, and even roofing in their homes. Here is how to make your home roof cooler and more energy-efficient in climates with hot seasons.

How does energy efficient roofing benefit homeowners?

A hot, sunny day can cause standard roofs to get as hot as 150°F. A “cool roof” can lower that temperature by more than 50°F. This difference means the home needs less air conditioning on hot days, reducing utility bills. The homeowner and their community benefit because the home demands less energy from the grid and reduces the risk of power outages.

Cooler roofs make homes without air conditioning more comfortable in the summer. The same applies to places where air conditioning doesn’t reach, such as attics or covered patios. A cooler roof also may last longer by reducing the risk of blistering materials and curling shingles.

How to make a standard roof “cool”

As a homeowner, you can lower your roof’s temperature and raise energy efficiency in several ways. One way is to choose more efficient roofing materials, such as:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Shake shingles
  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Tile

Your choice of roofing material depends on the roof style, home’s style, and budget. Look specifically for Energy Star-certified materials.

You can also insulate beneath your roof since homes with no roof insulation or inadequate insulation have heavier heating and cooling needs. Be sure to choose insulation that will help reduce your home’s energy bills and emissions. The specific type of insulation will depend on your home and climate. Whatever you choose, ensure there is still an air space between the insulation and roofing material.

Want a cooler roof?

For more information about replacing your roof to make it more energy-efficient, contact Peak Custom Remodeling today.


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