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Make sure your roof installer offers a fully transferable warranty to get the most benefits. Get the scoop in our new blog post. Fully Transferable Warranty

When choosing a roofing installer, make sure to ask about the warranty. Only certified installers can offer a fully transferable warranty, so it’s important to find the right roofing installer to take advantage of this guarantee.

What is a fully transferable warranty?

Many manufacturers and sellers offer a warranty on their products, which is a written guarantee to the buyer that promises to repair or replace the product, if necessary, within a certain period of time.

With a transferable warranty, that warranty stays in effect even if the product changes owners. For a home roof, this means that, if you sell your home before the warranty on a new roof expires, then the new owner is protected by that same warranty. Many roofing manufacturers and installers offer warranties of varying lengths, depending on the materials and type of work involved.

Be aware that the warranty usually requires that the owner follow proper roof maintenance. A roof inspection also may be necessary before a warranty is transferred.

What are the benefits of a fully transferable warranty?

Any warranty offers some amount of protection for your roof and your budget, since you would not be held responsible for certain repairs or replacements.

The major benefit of a fully transferable warranty for homeowners is that it can increase the value and appeal of a home if it goes up for sale. If you are looking to buy a home, you can ask whether a house’s roof is protected by a fully transferable warranty, and if that warranty is still in effect.

If you are a homeowner looking to replace your roof, there are other reasons to choose a contractor who offers a fully transferable warranty. It can be a good sign that they stand behind their work, and use quality materials.

Peak Custom Remodeling offers fully transferable warranties on new roof installations. Contact us to learn more.


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