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Best Roofing Materials

If you have to repair or replace your roof, it can be easy to get confused by the number of choices available. Depending on your home, type of roof, and environment, there may be a “best roofing choice” for you. Here are some of the most common roofing materials and their best use cases.

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Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles come in many colors and comprise one of the most common types of roofing materials. They are also the least expensive and the easiest to install. All these factors make asphalt shingles the best roofing choice for many homes.

The downside is that this type of roofing is less durable. By choosing a higher-quality product and ensuring that your roof receives proper maintenance, you can make this type of roofing last as long as possible.

Clay and Concrete Tiles

If you want a durable roof more than anything, clay and concrete tiles are some of the best roofing options. They are also more fire-resistant than other roofing materials.

Unfortunately, these options are also more expensive than others, such as asphalt, and their weight makes them suitable only for certain roof styles, such as gable roofs. Otherwise, clay and tile roofing will require extra reinforcements.


Many materials comprise the “metal” roofing category, giving homeowners convenient options. Metal roofs can even include recycled metals. This material absorbs less heat than asphalt and is highly fire-resistant. It can be lighter in weight, and homeowners can use it on low to high-pitched roofs because it is wind-resistant.

Metal requires special installation experience, so choose a roofing contractor with experience installing metal. This type of roofing also needs special maintenance and regular inspections.


Slate is also known as one of the best roofing materials due to its durability, resistance to fire and wind, elegant appearance, low maintenance, and eco-friendliness.

At the same time, however, slate is relatively costly and requires more experience and knowledge to install. Since it is also a heavy material, it is best only for steep, reinforced roofs.

Wood Shingles and Shakes

Wood shingles or thicker wood shakes can give a warm, rustic look to a home, especially once the material weathers from brown to gray over time. Wood shingles and shakes are also wind-resistant and suitable for various roof styles.

Since wood is an organic material, it is more vulnerable to decay. It requires more significant maintenance to prevent or repair cracks and rot. Using higher-quality pre-treated materials can help increase the roof’s durability. Since wood is also less fire-resistant, local fire codes may not permit it.

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